MacIver-Ek Chevroulet


Architects ETH SIA

Avenue du Mail 34

2000 Neuchâtel

Seebahnstrasse 155

8003 Zürich

Avenue d’Echallens 118

1004 Lausanne

+41 78 851 98 81

+41 77 450 45 80


Emily Bardenz

Ines Branet

Axel Chevroulet

Noé Cuendet

Arthur Douillet

Anna MacIver-Ek

Julia Strömland

Meryl Barthe

Nadia Doriot

Guillaume Nguyen

Paola Bergier

Gabrielle Chilinski

Anna MacIver-Ek and Axel Chevroulet met while studying in Copenhagen. Together, they explore the field of architecture. Through their projects, they strive for precision as a tool to achieve an architecture sensitive to its context and generous to its users. In their search for alternative forms of practice, they co-founded the collective la–clique. Continual investigation within the profession leads them to work using different scales and mediums, from films, furniture making, to teaching.

Project List


farº, scenography for a performing arts festival in Nyon, with la–clique

Deliberate Leak, installation at Swiss Art Awards 2022, with Meryl Barthe

Clean Cut, competition for the renovation of the Swiss embassy in London, with cortese/mazza

Ksoik, competition for a kiosk in Zurich, with cortese/mazza

Matrix, scenography for an exhibition about Matrix Feminist Design Co-operative, Archizoom EPFL, with la–clique

Fertiliser, competition for sustainable housing in Bourguillon, 4th prize, with Michele Broglia



Sardine, competition for a lighthouse on Lake Geneva, 3rd prize, with cortese/mazza

Deliberate Leak, Swiss Art Awards 2021, laureates

Living Room Odyssey, furniture series

Skumfidus, furniture series in insulation foam for Tableau

Gadolinium, installation for BIVOUAC Labor Lausanne, with la–clique


M3, competition for the visual identity for the new metro line in Lausanne, laureates, with la–clique

Moustache, addition of a solar-powered porch

Nail it!, competition for the extension of a primary school

Air Force One, competition for a fire station at Oostende International Airport, with Bovenbouw Architectuur

Speakers’ Corner, installation for Manifesta 13 Marseille, with la–clique

Club Absinthe, refurbishment of a village house, with Comte/Meuwly

Triple Jump, competition for the extension of the Textile Museum St. Gallen, with Michele Broglia

Sunset, addition of winter gardens on a village house, with Comte/Meuwly

The Hesitant City, a story of infrastructural intercourse



Calling Architecture, film series, 5 episodes, ongoing

Spare Ribs, transformation of an old butchery, with Comte/Meuwly

Fleurier, competition for the extension of a secondary school, with Marcela Lino and Alexandre Lebet







Guest professorship, TU München

Guest critic, ENSA Paris-Est

Guest critic, Studio Unicorn, ETH Zürich

Guest critic, Studio Puigjaner, ETH Zürich

Workshop, Semaine de tous les possibles, HEAD Genève



Guest critic, Studio Maria Conen, ETH Zürich

Guest critic, Studio Material Cultures, ETH Zürich

Bachelor thesis expert, Berner Fachhochschule

Guest critic, Studio Youri Kravtchenko, HEAD Genève

Guest critic, Studio Hans Binder, Berner Fachhochschule

Studio to edit at ETH Zürich, with Prof. Maria Conen



Guest critic, Studio Jan de Vylder, ETH Zürich

Studio to adapt at ETH Zürich, with Prof. Maria Conen

Workshop Swiss Summer School, Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio

Guest critic, Bachelor Reviews, HEAD Genève

Guest critic, Festival, HSLU Luzern

Studio Unuseless Rooms at ETH Zürich, with Prof. Maria Conen

Guest critics, Studio Kosmos, HEAD Genève



Guest critic, Studio Tom Emerson, ETH Zürich

Guest critic, Studio Adam Caruso, ETH Zürich 

Studio LIFE MAKE HOUSE HOUSE MAKE LIFE at EPFL, with Prof. Jo Taillieu

Studio Unuseless Spaces at ETH Zürich, with Prof. Maria Conen

Guest critic for MAGMA at EPFL with Prof. Marco Bakker

Lecture and workshop at Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio

Guest critic, Studio summacumfemmer, TU Graz

Studio Bergell – Aufzeichnungen eines Territoriums at ETH Zürich, with Prof. Corinna Menn


Studio HOUSE ALTER HOUSE at EPFL, with Prof. Jo Taillieu

Guest critic, Studio Tom Emerson, ETH Zürich

Studio Story at ETH Zürich, with Prof. Maria Conen

Workshop at Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio




Publications, Exhibitions, Prizes, Talks


Talk ‘House Keeping: from Architecture to the Planet, the Urgency of Care’ Biennale Svizzera del Territorio, Lugano, with Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Kathrin Dörfler and Monica Rhodes

Deliberate Leak is exhibited at the Swiss Art Awards 2022

Fertiliser wins 4th prize for sustainable housing in Bourguillon, in collaboration with Michele Broglia

Participation in fundraising exhibition No To War, Zürich


Sardine wins 3rd prize for the lighthouse on Lake Geneva, in collaboration with cortese/mazza

MacIver-Ek Chevroulet are awarded the Swiss Art Award 2021

Skumfidus is exhibited at Galleria Antonia Jannone in Milan during Salone del Mobile 

Skumfidus is exhibited at Tableau in Copenhagen, 05.08 – 02.10

Lecture in series Life of the Others, F/A FakeAuthentic

Calling Architecture is in competition at BARQ International Architecture Film Festival Barcelona

Club Absinthe is published in werk, bauen + wohnen,  Starke Dörfer, Issue 3-2021

Gadolinium is selected for BIVOUAC in Lausanne, with  la–clique


Speakers’ Corner is published in Hochparterre

Calling Architecture is in the official selection of Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam

Speakers’ Corner is selected for MANIFESTA 13 in Marseille, with la–clique


Calling Architecture is exhibited at the XII International Architecture Biennale of São Paulo



Edition of trans 34 Youth, with the editorial team

Edition of trans 33 Reality, with the editorial team

ETH Excellence Scholarship


Participation in the exhibition Prinzip Hoffnung at the MaximiliansForum, München


Disruptions is awarded the ETH Medaille