Boule club for the city of Renens



For the new boulodrome of the city of Renens, innovative – yet archaic – construction methods are experimented with. Taking advantage of the planned demolition of a neighbouring building, we cut its concrete slabs, flip them, and place them in the ground, thus becoming the load-bearing structure of the building – a clumsy Stonehenge. On top of it, a wooden hat is laid and shapes the enclosure. The beams, composed of small timber sections, easy to source locally, are assembled mechanically, avoiding the use of glue and enabling a future re-use of the elements.


Situated at the center of the future park, the simple raster of the building offers flexibility, thus allowing numerous stakeholders within the local community to use it.



Ines Branet

Axel Chevroulet

NoƩ Cuendet

Nadia Doriot

Anna MacIver-Ek



Pierre Marmy & MacIver-Ek Chevroulet